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Why Social Media is Too Important to DIY

Social media management is a key to digital marketing, and it’s something every business should be doing. But why should you outsource this task to a professional agency rather than taking care of it yourself?

It Takes Time Each Day

Managing social media accounts takes time. Every day, you need to come up with fresh content for your channels, respond to customer questions and comments, and monitor the your campaigns. [Insert exhausted sigh here] This takes hours out of your day when you could be focusing on other things. An experienced agency can take this off your hands and free up your time so you can focus on more important aspects of running your business.

You Need Experience

Social media management requires experience, knowledge, and skills that most people don’t have – even if they are tech-savvy. You need an understanding of how algorithms work, (which we know they basically change every other day) what kind of content performs best on each platform, and how to track results in order to optimize those campaigns. An agency has the expertise needed not just to manage but also to grow your accounts over time.

Professional Content Creation

Creating engaging content for social media isn’t as simple as writing a few posts or sharing some photos – although these are certainly important aspects of any successful strategy. When outsourcing your social media management, you have access to professionally crafted images and video clips created by experts who understand which messages resonate with different audiences. This ensures that all content posted on behalf of your brand looks polished and professional – something that DIYers often struggle with. Listen, we get it. It feels like you're constantly treading water when it comes to keeping up with all these things.

Social media management may seem like something that anyone can do – after all, anyone can create an account online – but there is much more involved than just sending out a few posts once in a while. Outsourcing this task means that you won’t waste hours trying (and failing) to figure things out – instead, you will get the benefit of an experienced team who knows how to create engaging content and use data-driven insights to optimize campaigns for maximum performance. SSM agencies will create the content, make sure you approve it, post it and provide you with data on how the posts are doing. If you want to see success from your social efforts without having to put in the hard work yourself, then it pays off in the long run to invest in social media management services! Let's chat!

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